“Sublime writing from a master songwriter at the top of his game. ‘Sweet Wild Lily’ is the sound of a Celtic soul digging deep into the southern soul.”          Ralph McLean (BBC)

“absolutely stunning…one of the finest Americana releases of the year.”                                                                                                                           Maximum Volume Music

“Glover’s writing gets better and better. That voice matures. The poetry gets more evocative…The Sweet Wild Lily EP is a treat…”                                        Soul Surmise

“The result is somewhat tremendous.”                                                                                                                                                                      Blabber’n’Smoke

“A storyteller of the finest hue, using the medium of music to reel the listener in; and he does it like an age old Irish Mystic…(Fireflies Dancing) is one of the finest and deepest songs I’ve heard this year” The Rocking Magpie

“one of the year's surprising yet so tantalising releases.”                                                                                                                                                          Three Chords And The Truth

“Please don’t ask me to pick a favourite. It’s impossible. They all have their own special magic.”                                                                                               Folk And Tumble

"A fine collection of songs, further cementing Glovers reputation as a very fine writer and performer." Americana UK



“Outstanding collaborations and solo songs from fast-rising Northern Irish Americana exponent…Shorebound is superbly crafted and establishes Glover in the next phase of his career.”

“Shorebound is a remarkable collaboration…an album that defines today’s Americana.”

"There’s darkness in this album, but songs like Keeper Of My Heart and Northern Stars sound as sweet and mellow as California country rock.”
(4/5) MOJO

“The resulting recording is one that oozes confidence and skill. The production is assured, the playing excellent and the singing at points very beautiful. This is a worthy piece from a class act.”

“Shorebound is a force of musical nature…this is Ben Glover at his best…If water is life then Shorebound is over-flowing with strong, memorable songs - and is a credit to all who contributed. Long may she sail.”

“Shorebound may shift gear from The Emigrant, but it is equally impressive and will direct Glover further into the hearts of the masses.”

“Deep, dark, delightful Americana…an amazing album…Ben Glover really is a rare talent.”

“A monumental record…this cements a growing reputation of (Ben Glover) being one of the most perceptive songwriters across the borderless roots/Americana scene.”

"If you have never heard of Ben Glover, then this album will delight and amaze and have you hunting down his catalogue in wonder. If you have heard and loved Ben's earlier recordings then this album, with its atmospheres and sense of growth will delight and amaze. “

"Northern Ireland be proud. Ben Glover has grown into one of our very best songwriters. An export to be proud of! Shorebound is a sublime collection of mature art"

"Shorebound is the work of an artist content, assured and very much at peace with himself."

"Everyone from Gretchen Peters to Ricky Ross lined up to work with him on his new release…one of the most magical listening experiences you will have all year.”




"With the arrival of The Emigrant, Ben Glover is a fully realized artist in the prime of his creative life. His singing is so full of feeling it's nearly primal; his songs resonate deep in the core. This album is Ben’s manifesto, and it's tragic and triumphant and brave."
"It’s a magnificent album and a substantial addition to the Irish emigrant canon that fully confirms Glover as one of the finest in the Americana genre."

"A Song of Home is Glover’s own, and a clear indicator of why the likes of Gretchen Peters, Mary Gauthier are keen to collaborate – but it is the title track which for me, shines the light on why Ben Glover may be one of the best songwriters to come out of this neck of the woods this century."

"A raw and organic album where superior songwriting and vocal talent as wide as the Nashville skyline allows Ben's Celtic roots to seep out"
(5 out of 5 stars)

"A very impressive album, seamlessly melding traditional, old, not so old and new in service of the chosen themes... Never has the sound of longing been so uplifting" FATEA

 "It is a tremendous sweep and should end up on the shores of many a top ten albums of 2016 list."

"Combining his deeply personal experiences with an issue so immediately relevant to us all has produced an emotional and intensely thought-provoking masterpiece"

"Soulful and thought provoking, the weaving of Irish roots and Americana is a winner.

“Ben Glover has found his voice. The Emigrant is a fully realized record, a work of art. Ben has paid his dues, and it shows. I love this record”
“You should be now getting the message that The Emigrant is full of substantial artistic merit and a conceptual piece of multi-song writing excellence. If you like your music brimming with history, context, emotion and perception, Ben Glover will deliver."

"When celebrated singer/songwriter Gretchen Peters tips her hat to you, it’s something special – and Glover is just that. A rare writing talent with a gift for subtly selling songs, and a unique voice that lingers long in the memory."

An album that I can’t recommend highly enough.

"...a Hibernian Tom Waits....Glover skilfully wrests the traditional and cover songs from any cosy sense of familiarity, the arrangements breathing new life into them while the presence of his own songs prevents the album from becoming a set of “well kent” Irish songs, the album as a whole a powerful listen."

"Glover’s voice is so deep and rich. It’s in Mike Scott or Glen Hansard territory. It evokes deep emotion...Glover has been able to somehow make a record that with four original songs slotting in around six old Irish folk songs has made a cohesive work of original and vital power."


"A really beautiful album from a wonderful Irish talent."

"Singer-songwriter attempts his own Atlantic crossing.
Northern Ireland's Ben Glover has been leading a double life, splitting time between his homeland and the southern US, soaking up the best of both worlds. The influences of each are hugely evident here as Glover attempts a marriage of their spirits and traditions. If it's weighted more heavily towards Americana than the folk of Christy Moore or The Pogues that Glover grew up playing in home and pub sessions, it's more to do with the fact that at heart he's a rock'n'roller, the greasy blues groove of Take And Pay being ample proof. It's the heartfelt lyrics, however, that will keep you coming back to this album time and time again. All the usual hallmarks are there - love, death, tragedy, redemption, loss - but sung with such direct conviction and warmth that Steve Earle is the nearest comparison. Let's hope the marriage lasts many years." 
MOJO - 4 out of 5 stars

"Former law student makes Deep South-Irish connection.
County Antrim-raised and Nashville resident since 2009, Ben Glover makes his fifth album a bringing-it-all-back-home beauty. Recorded on the Donegal coast it looks to, and finds, inspiration in the land beyond the great divide of the album title. From the lucid rumination of "Oh Soul" (co-written with Mary Gauthier) to the pedal steel wanderlust of "True Love's Breaking My Heart", themes of redemption, loss and pain loom large. Glover's fully rounded artistry is equally at home channeling The Pogues on table-thumping exile return on "Sing A Song Boys", as purveying Townes Van Zandt gothic on the Gretchen Peters duet, "Blackbirds".  
UNCUT - 8 out of 10

“The Atlantic separates Ireland and the US, but it also connects them. Antrim singer-songwriter Ben Glover, who relocated to Nashville in 2009, prefers the concept of connectedness, the fertile commingling of Irish and American influences. A while ago Glover returned with friends to his childhood holiday home in Ballyliffin, Co Donegal. There, in the front room facing on to the ocean, they recorded this outstanding collection steeped in country soul. Atlantic was inspired by a visit to the Mississippi grave of the great bluesman Robert Johnson. The intense Oh Soul marks that event, and a general sense of anxiety and reflection pervades the album. Neilson Hubbard’s sparse production balances this with moments of dark angular beauty. It was obviously a magical time; the singing, the songs and the playing combine to make this Glover’s most satisfying work.”
THE IRISH TIMES **** (4 out of 5 stars)

“Inspired by Glover’s travels in America, numbers such as “True Love’s Breaking My Heart” and “Take and Pay” are spurred on by that distinctive Nashville sound. “Blackbirds” is an absolute world beater of a track, arguably Ben’s best effort to date…………..this duet with Gretchen Peters would put goose-bumps on your goose-bumps.  It’s a stunning murder ballad worth the price of admission alone. A must listen.”
HOT PRESS ******** (8 out of 10 stars)

"Ladies and gentlemen you really got to check this next cat out...he's a new country blues talent from N.Ireland..."

"This is pure, unadulterated Americana as done up by an Irishman. And he’s really just hitting his stride." - POP MATTERS

"Essential listening." - MUSIC ROW MAGAZINE

"A staggering authentic take on roots." - ELMORE MAGAZINE

"Glover has once again raised the bar not just for his own career, but for everyone in the Americana musical panorama.." - FOLK RADIO UK

"Singer-songwriter Ben Glover has that rare quality of making you stop in your tracks and listen to his every word. "Atlantic" is a deep, earthy, Southern-gothic blend of storytelling that's of another time." - MAVERICK MAGAZINE (5 stars)
“Ben Glover’s ability to connect with the human heart through his singing is an amazing thing to witness. Listen to him sing, listen to his songs, you will understand this. It’s a gift, and he uses his gifts beautifully. I love writing with him, and I’ve had him open several tours for me all over the world.”

"Ben is a deeply, innately soulful singer-songwriter. He’s not afraid of the dark stuff, but he brings a spirituality to it that makes even his darkest songs feel more like prayers than dirges.” GRETCHEN PETERS

"An album that is pretty much perfect. In an ideal world Atlantic would be played on every radio station the world over, and become a classic album for years to come. For me it will do just that, and if you have as much love for music as you think you do, you’ll grab a copy and join me in waxing lyrical."          4000 MILES TO NASHVILLE BLOG

"This one might be the best record of the year."

"Ben Glover's new album "Atlantic" is one of the best albums I've heard in 2014, actually it is the BEST album I have heard in 2014...This album should be in everyone's collection." - FOR FOLK'S SAKE (RADIO SHOW)


“Ben Glover blends Irish music with Americana, in a lovely album…"Atlantic" blends blues and soul with folk and country, and there is a good variety to the songs, from the mournful “How Much Longer Can We Bend?” to the joyful “Sing a Song Boys”. Glover sings with real spark and there are a pair of fine duets with Gretchen Peters (Blackbirds and the co-written Mississippi Turns Blue) and a song written with Mary Gauthier “Oh Soul”-a very good album.”
THE DAILY TELEGRAPH **** (4 out of 5 stars)

This is  a tremendous album AMERICAN ROOTS UK



"Ben Glover’s new album Do We Burn The Boats? is an absolute triumph."  - The Irish News (John Kearns)

"The gorgeous poppy insistency of "Whatever Happens Will" sets the tone, and is followed by exceptional tracks such as "Memo," "Do What You Do," "And Only You and I," and "Rampart Street" (the latter co-written with Mary Gauthier). However, it is the aching, whispered, countryish ballad "No Means Yes" that best captures the growing maturity and confidence of a natural storyteller." - The Irish Times (Joe Breen)

" From the warm melancholy of Memo, to the gentle mandolin-pulse and shimmering electric tomes of A Thousand Suns this is a rewarding, understated album. **** (4 stars)" - Guitarist

"This is another great showcase for the Glenarm man's talents...Ultimate was most taken with the light country stomp of memo, however with its hints, somehow of Paul Simon, KT Tunstall, Villagers, perhaps, and even some, gulp, Coldplay. It's a strangely satisfying mix. Final track Rampart Street nods back to Nebraska-era Boss though, and there's no shame in that..." - The Daily Mirror

"Fresh, uncomplicated and beautifully sung, this is an album that is totally absorbing. We commend it to you." - Guitar Techniques

"Glover has produced a very solid and enjoyable album with No Means Yes having shades of an on-form Ryan Adams." - The Telegraph (UK)

"It is becoming more and more evident why he is being described as one of Ireland's finest tunesmiths" - The Irish World

“Having drawn comparisons with the highly praised talents of singer-songwriters like Tom Petty, David Gray, Damien Rice and the legendary Boss, Bruce Springsteen, I'd say with this latest album he sure is climbing nearer to their heights if not already touching the tail end… “ –FATEA (Rob Powell)

"Four albums in, Glover has a beautifully produced record in Do We Burn the Boats? and a fine, experienced-soaked voice..." RTE

"Do We Burn The Boats?," is a sensational album from start to finish, Ben Glover's latest, smoulders and burns with a passion that few singer-songwriters can only ever dream of matching - simply sensational." - Rhythm and Booze

"Ben Glover is back with a fourth album, as emotionally graceful and expertly Americana as his previous three. But of course with even more song writing maturity, his Springsteen-esque qualities and healthy Dylan twinge even more present and, the critics’ early premonitions of greatness even more justified" - Smokin Charlie

"One of the most talented songwriters of the younger generation." - Roots Time

"Do We Burn The Boats? is an excellent album! - **** (4 stars)" -  Festival Photo

"The album title refers to the idom about doing something that makes it impossible for you to go back to the situation you were in before. In recording this album, Glover set himself and almost impossible task in following it. I have no doubt he more than up to the challenge." - Net Rhythms

"With these ten new songs, Glover bears witness to both intelligent and poetic writing. Songwriting as an art - Americana at a high level..." -


"Over the past few years Antrim's Ben Glover has been steadily refining his craft as a world class singer-songwriter. It seems all that hard work has paid off, as his latest offering "Before The Birds' sees the troubadour at his career best. Recorded in Nashville, the ten track opus is an alt.county tour de force that effortlessly veers from bourbon-soaked ballads ('Almost Home') to Heartbreakers-esque pop-rock ('You Are The Same As The Tide') all of which marks Glover as one of Ireland's finest tunesmiths. The addition of backing vocalist Kaci Bolls makes much of the material on "Before The Birds" soar to the stars and there's rarely a wasted note on this remarkable release." HOTPRESS (Edwin McFee)

“There's the unmistakable spark of the classic storyteller in Ben's songs.  He writes real songs about real characters and delivers them with a passion you rarely see these days.  He is without question one of the finest song writers in Ireland today.” RALPH McLEAN (BBC)

"This is Glover’s second album working with the producer Neilson Hubbard and it’s the most personal record he has made. This is what happens when a damn fine producer creates a trusting environment that allows the artist to throw out ideas and try new things. And it has been most successful here on this record. It’s easy to see how the trusting relationship afforded Ben the space to explore and make quiet possibly the best record of his career. Well worth the listen, and after one listen it just grows on you and becomes an old friend. A stunning album" - Mutant Space IE 

“Before The Birds is simply stunning. His sound has a familiarity to it, like all the best bits of artists he loves, yet he has nailed a sound which is uniquely his...With each album release he is laying down a new benchmark for himself which is going to be harder and harder to better. The thing is though, you just know that he will better it, as hard as it is going to be."

 "Ben Glover has never put out a bad recording, but Before The Birds is quite exceptional. He's writing songs that are universally great and he's delivering them with such poise. He gives the listener reassurance and soul at a time when you thought those qualities were all used up ."STUART BAILIE (BBC) 

 "Having previously notched up comparisons to Earle, Forbert, Springsteen, Morrison and Gray, while faint traces remain here and there (along with a vague hint of Dylan) this time round he's very much his own voice...Sketching pictures, Glover's lyrics are economical and direct, yet emotionally poetic. It's testament to his writing skills and the conviction of his heart that he can write something called Song Of A Caged Bird Singing with a line about a broken wing and soar above the inherent cliches...Take a listen, because this is a musical love affair you'll want to be in for the long haul. " Netrhythms

"Ben Glover’s voice is as smooth as chocolate and Before the Birds is as warm and comfortable as your favorite fleece on Saturday morning...This album will mellow out even the toughest commute. It’s is a must have." Fanrealm

"The resemblance between Glover and Springsteen is uncanny. Not only does he have the rugged voice of Bruce but also he adds a sweet bright sound of music behind his voice. The two meshed together make a dynamic combination."

"Glover's third record, Before the Birds, is comprised of ten mellow mid-to-slow tempo tunes with heartfelt lyrics and a pleasing delivery.  Highly recommended."RIYL: Ellis Paul (A Fifty Cent Lighter and a Whiskey Buzz)

"What raises Ben Glover above the common herd of Singer / Songwriters is of course the songs and his lyrics - but good lyrics do not help if they are delivered in a meaningless way. And this is where Glover is exceptional. All the time you can HEAR how he means what he sings, and we believe in Glover as a singer, as a storyteller, as an artist."musikkbloggen.

 “For anyone wondering who the next big thing to come out of Northern Ireland will be, we at The Late Show would advise you to take a listen to Ben Glover..." THE LATE SHOW, BBC RADIO ULSTER 

"Ben Glover hails from Northern Ireland but sounds like he belongs amongst the best of American singer/ songwriters- and could easily be a rival for the likes of Ryan Adams" GET READY TO ROCK (NIKK GUNNS) 

"Glover’s voice gives a frailty to some of these songs that really pushes their mood to another level... There are a number of killer tracks on this album."  Broken Jukebox    

"Ben Glover's second record is a shining work of kindness and heart, and I am proud to have co-written a song on it with him. Great art is a generosity, one lonely soul sharing itself with others hoping to be seen, and in these songs Ben, I see you." MARY GAUTHIER (singer/songwriter)

"Ben Glover is blessed with a very special voice, and having written Through The Noise, Through The Night shows his ear is also finely tuned to the vicissitudes of the human condition. Full Moon Child sounds, to me, like a modern classic." –  RICKY ROSS (Deacon Blue)

"With Through The Noise, Through The Night, it seems that Ben Glover is on the edge of greatness." THE IRISH NEWS 

"With two quality albums already under his belt, Ben Glover has decided to strip the sound right back, putting the reliance firmly on his vocals and the value of the songs. Produced again by Neilson Hubbard who was at the helm on THROUGH THE NOISE, THROUGH THE NIGHT this album has Ben Glover evolving into a very accomplished artist." - Maverick Magazine

“It is fair to say that this is a mighty fine piece of work. As the saying goes, no fillers, all killers. I'm sure that stardom in his native Ireland is assured and with songs of the quality of First Chance For Second Tries he deserves it. Remember the name. He is going to be massive.”-

 “Full Moon Child is a classic in the making, it’s worth the price alone, but that’s just a taster of what lies ahead...Monument Green reveals Glover’s keen ear for a catchy pop melody, Where The Lines Are (from whence the title comes) is a fine example of shuffling Celtic Americana that will again draw David Gray references just as Let It Do What It Does reveals a streak of Van…The man deserves to be huge. Consider you duty to help him on his way.” MIKE DAVIES (NETRHYTHMS.COM) 

"Listen to his music. You too will become an instant fan. You will be hearing lots more from this singer/songwriter."  Fan Realm


"Great debut album from a major talent in the making" MAVERICK MAGAZINE - **** (4 stars) 

“A Fabulous record…This guy’s going to be a star” GERRY ANDERSON (BBC) 

"Glover's charisma is palpable from the opening chords of No Direction Home, and hollers for the benefit of a tour to showcase his songbook in all three dimensions." THE IRISH TIMES - **** (4 stars) 

"The quality of the writing is excellent and Ben has an engaging voice. I feel sure we will be watching his career for many years to come." BLUES MATTERS 

“There are just not enough good things to say about this album - Buy it." COMPULSIVE.CO.UK 

"Glover is our very own Bruce Springsteen with an Irish accent and The Week The Clocks Changed shouldn't be missing in any record collection." STATE MAGAZINE 

"Ben Glover has been quietly charming the under-crackers off of everyone from Belfast to Nashville and everywhere in between for the past few years and his debut album, The Week The Clocks Changed is one of the most accomplished records you'll hear all year." FATE MAGAZINE 

“Ben has got some heavyweight names chipping, not least Al Perkins, Vince Gill, Jim Lauderdale and Buddy Miller. You can understand why they’d want to be involved”. NET RHYTHMS 
“The likes of Strong Enough For This and Higher Ground could easily be the work of big-hatted cowboys, but are strangely all the more impressive when sung by a law graduate from Co. Antrim.” Q MAGAZINE

“Whether it be the outlaw music of Willie Nelson or acoustic philosophizing of early Dylan – to whom the opening No Direction Home presumably makes tribute – Glover bends his influences to his own purposes creating music that is eye-wateringly sharp and fresh.” AU MAGAZINE ALBUM REVIEW 

"Some great melodies here and Glover has a good range in his voice, from quiet and husky to power pop. If Radio 2 ran their own daytime chart it would top that." GET READY TO ROCK (JOE GEESON)